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We are an English Speaking Dental Practice in Rome and have over 20 years experience in Dental Medicine. American Dental Arts are specialists in Laser and Cosmetic Dentistry.

How to avoid visits to the Dentists

American Dental Arts is a participating member of the European Society of Preventative Dentistry. Our preventative dental plan will help ensure your teeth stay clean and healthy. American Dental Arts provides a Full Preventative Dental Program for the children of Marymount International School in Rome and the Parish Church of Santa Susanna.

The Goodies - Squirt

Choosing the right toothpaste and fluoride goes a long way to making sure your teeth stay clean and healthy - we will advise you on the correct brands of toothpaste to use Brush - brushing your teeth regularly in the morning at night and after meals will help remove plaque and stop acid from decaying your teeth - u should always brush up the way for your lower teeth and down the way for your upper teeth - not up and down and especially not sideways...


More often than not the toothbrush cannot fit in between teeth therefore you need dental floss to remove the bad guys from their hiding places, this is particularly true as you get older - we will advise you on which floss to use and how to apply it...

Brush Up on your Brushing technique

One of the singular most important things you can do in order to avoid frequent visits to the dentists is brush upwards for your lower teeth and downwards for your upper teeth... this helps remove food, plaque and other bacteria which gets trapped between your teeth... brush your teeth regularly and properly first thing in the morning, after meals and last thing at night.

The Baddies - Sugar

The number 1 bad guy for your teeth, keep your intake of sugar to a minimum by say eating fresh fruit instead of chocolate or candy, opt for sweetners in your coffee instead of sugar Acid - the acid contained in many food substances and particularly in fizzy drinks will very rapidly destroy your teeth unless counter measures are taken... we suggest drining diet non fizzy drinks instead of the full fat versions. In addition, and whilst we realise that they might not always be readily available, natural fresh foodstuffs are always better than the processed, frozen or microwaveable alternatives.

Smoking is also bad for your teeth as it discolours them and accelerates decay. Plaque - this is the substance which sticks to your teeth and unless removed will create holes in your teeth, plaque is created naturally by eating but should nevertheless be removed by regular brushing of your teeth (after meals not before as the toothpaste may potentially spoil the taste of your meal).

Nutrition and Diet

We will give you advice on nutrition, diet, how to effectively brush your teeth. In addition every time we check your teeth we will also screen for oral cancer. We will keep your dental records and update them after every visit.