American Dental Arts Rome - Dentisty is an Art as well as a Science - Before and After Pictures of Dental Treatments

We are an English Speaking Dental Practice in Rome and have over 20 years experience in Dental Medicine. American Dental Arts are specialists in Laser and Cosmetic Dentistry.

Testimonials Before and After

Testimonials Please find below some photos of patients mouths before and after treatment... Here at American Dental Arts Rome we believe that dentistry is an art not just a science... Our team of skilled, caring professionals are dedicated to providing you with a comfortable and relaxing treatment. We can't wait to make you and your family smile!

Before and After

Closing Gaps

Some people like gaps... some even find them sexy! Others want to close them and that's where we here at American Dental Arts come in. The spaces are called disatemas and there are 4 main ways of dealing with them:

do nothing and enjoy the smile mother nature gave you
wear a brace to gradually close the spaces this may take one to four years
porcelain veneers these are micro thin pieces of porcelain that are bonded to the outside of the tooth

Before and After

Replacing Teeth

Our porcelain veneers will return your smile to its former glory... call us for a free appointment to discuss what American Dental Arts can do for your smile.... Telephone +39 06 6832613

Conventional Crown and Bridge

The crown treatment like the porcelain veneers involves shaving or precision carving down of your tooth however, it renders your teeth more manipulative and hence normally produces a better end result. Plus a porcelain crown enjoys less flexure than a veneer.